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Weightru have over 35 years experience in the weighing industry. Within that time we have established strong partnerships with some of the most experienced people and companies in the weighing business. We are able to service, repair, calibrate and supply all types of quality scales and weighing equipment at very competitive rates. We have extensive expertise in the supply of vehicle weighing equipment and are now one of the largest portable weigh pad suppliers in Europe. We supply the most popular vehicle weigh pads on the market, lightweight yet robust and we are still calibrating these 20 years on! If you are looking for a Weighbridge, our singe axle weighbridge is one of the most advanced on the market. Our expert team will inspect your site and advise on location to avoid incorrect and expensive errors. Our dedicated building team install the weighbridge, giving you a one stop solution. Whether you are looking to purchase a weighbridge or hire a small counting scale, please contact us for all your weighing requirements.

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