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Full turnkey installations of weighbridges available.
Portable Weighbridge

Modular Weighbridges

Portable modular weighbridges for semi-permanent installation.
In motion Axle Weighbridge

Dynamic Axle Weighers

Axle weighing for in-motion monitoring & logging of vehicles.

Portable Weigh Pads

Portable Weigh Pads

Portable axle weigh pads for spot checking fleets.

About Weightru

Weightru have decades of experience in the vehicle weighing industry. Within that time we have established strong partnerships with some of the most experienced people and companies in the weighing business. We have extensive expertise in the supply of vehicle weighing equipment and are now one of the largest portable weigh pad suppliers in Europe.

We supply the most popular vehicle weigh pads on the market, lightweight yet robust and we are still calibrating these 20 years on!

If you are looking for a full Weighbridge or Dynamic Axle Weigher, we have the right “tried and tested” equipment for you. Our expert team will inspect your site and advise on location to avoid incorrect and expensive errors.

Our dedicated team install the weighbridge from start to finish, giving you a one stop solution. Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle weighing solution please contact us with your weighing requirements.

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A weighbridge, also referred to as a truck scale or railroad scale, is a large weighing device utilised for weighing vehicles. Typically found at truck stops, trucking terminals, quarries, landfills, or ports, weighbridges are primarily used to weigh heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, trailers, and railway cars.

SUV Showdown: Carwow Tests the Weights of Audi, BMW, Porsche and Lamborghini

Carwow, the online platform for selling vehicles, invited us back to their show to test the power and weight of four different SUVs. We sent our engineer Dylan Narsing down with a set of European made axle weigh pads to test a BMW, Lambo, Porsche and Audi.  First to...