Tractor Trailer Axle Weighing System

The Weightru Tractor Trailer weighing system is ideal for agricultural farmers wishing to weigh their harvests accurately.

Tractor Trailer Weighing System

The Weightru Tractor Trailer Weighing System is a flexible and cost effective dynamic solution that meets the exacting requirements of a busy harvest where the main priority is getting product from field to storage in the quickest and most efficient way whilst ensuring that the valid weighments are taken and printed for each load and transaction.

The system uses the latest touch screen technology which allows the most important information to be preconfigured into the system data base and displayed as drop down menus for the driver or operator to select prior to the days weighing to proceed.

The Solution

The simple interface screen allows users to capture a variety of data points to help improve business intelligence.

Each Weigh Pad has dimensions of 900 x 700 x 75mm to cater for most standard tractor trailer wheel types to help ensure that each wheel is well placed within the weighing area when weights are taken and calculated in the dynamic mode.

The system benefits from the inclusion of a remote controller which can be consigned to each tractor to enable the driver to instigate each weighment on his approach to the weigh pads negating the need for the driver to dismount or the need for a dedicated operator.

As an option a driver scoreboard display unit can be installed at a suitable position to give the tractor driver a clear and unambiguous display of the Gross and Net Weights after each weighment cycle has been taken.

Weight Controller

The touchscreen weight controller can run without operator interaction and capture weights of each axle.

With added functionality we can send this information to a simple PC program to record the in/out weighing and have the data opened in excel for totalising.

A simple remote can be used to identify tractors for automatic TARE deduction against vehicle identifications.

As there are a number of options available it is suggested that you discuss your needs with one of our dynamic weighing specialists who will be happy to help.

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Remote Display

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