DTW Dual Track Portable Weighbridge

The easy to install DTW weighbridge enables clients to purchase a simple to install modular weighbridge solution that can be installed in one day using only a forklift truck. The design allows for it to be surface or pit mounted.

DTW Portable Weighbridge

Innovative vehicle weighing dual track weighbridge, easily transportable and installable thanks to the reduced height and weight. No side rails required due to the low DTW height of just 22cm

Designed and built with high quality materials, this represents the most efficient solution for saving time, space, and money in comparison to the classic weighbridges currently available on the market. Minimal civil engineering works required due to unique modular design.

The standard version is fitted with CE-M 3000e APPROVAL, for legal for trade use.

Modular assembly allows DTW lengths from 4.5mtrs through to 22.5mtrs long, with loads from 15,000kg to 80,000kg.

Driver Operated Weighbridge Terminal

The Weightru self-service system for driver operated weigh bridge management, two options available with standard firmware for local weighbridge management of IN/OUT weighing or Windows based solution for integration into networked Weighbridge management software solutions.

Both systems feature touchscreens integrated into a sturdy stainless steel case, both models are fitted with RFID reader and printers. The windows based driver operated terminal can be connected to an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera.

Weighbridge Software

Software for a PC which allows to completely manage a weighbridge system, combinable to the DFW, DGT and 3590 series’ weight indicators. Besides the complete management of the connected scale, the programme offers a simple and intuitive operator interface, databases for the storage of the customer, material, and vehicle data, management of the totals and programmable printouts.


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