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GESTRUCK 2 software offers a complete control of the weighing operations of vehicles, with an easy to understand interface, and which facilitates, above all, the collection of the desired information with the maximum accuracy and quickness possible.

With GESTRUCK2 the users can register and process, in a quick and efficient way, the traffic in their weighbridges.

Standard version, easy and mono use. For installations of up to two scales in a weighing zone.

Multi-sector version for installations of up to five industrial scales, access and presence control. Installation triels, access control and presence. Installation on a single computer.

Multisectorial version. It allows to integrate all the modules and to accede using a mobile devices. Network installation.

Driver Operated Weighbridge Terminal

The Weightru self-service system for driver operated weigh bridge management, two options available with standard firmware for local weighbridge management of IN/OUT weighing or Windows based solution for integration into networked Weighbridge management software solutions.

Both systems feature touchscreens integrated into a sturdy stainless steel case, both models are fitted with RFID reader and printers. The windows based driver operated terminal can be connected to an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera.

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