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So, you’ve made the decision to buy a weighbridge for your business.

But, before making your purchase, it’s essential to ask the weighbridge manufacturer some important questions to avoid any problems later down the line.

Keep in mind that: no two weighbridge installations are going to be identical; each weighbridge project will require specific work according to individual needs and demands.

As such, you will need to provide an outline of what you would like at your site.

Starting with the basics, you should always ask about the types of weighbridges that will be most suitable for your business.

Once this has been determined, you will want to consider price.

That said, here are 6 important questions to ask before buying a weighbridge that can determine the cost for you.


1. How Many Years Will The Structure Last?

Before making your investment, you will need to first determine how long you are wanting the weighbridge structure to last.

Then, you will want to ask your manufacturer how many years their weighbridge is expected to last to ensure it meets your needs.

After all, the longevity of the weighbridge structure will influence your decision on the type of weighbridge your site needs, what you will be dealing with and how it will give you the best return on investment.


2. Which Load Cell is Being Used?

A second important question to ask your manufacturer is what type of load cell is being used in the weighbridge.

Today, there are many different types of weighbridge load cells, and these all vary in price.

For example, the types of load cells include:

  • Analog load cells
  • Hydraulic load cells
  • Digital load cells
  • Compressor load cells

The most recent and advanced in terms of technology are digital load cells.


3. How Strong is the Foundation?

As obvious as it sounds, if the foundation of your weighbridge is extremely strong and stable, your weighbridge will last for a longer time.

Therefore, asking your manufacturer how strong the foundation is will give you peace of mind you’re making the right choice.

Plus, if something is long-lasting, then it surely is profitable.

To put it differently, let’s say you want your weighbridge to last for around 20 years. If the foundation is weak and then starts to deteriorate after 10 years, you may suffer a loss.

But, if the foundation of the weighbridge is strong enough to exceed your expectations, this can be considered as a profitable investment for your business.


4. How is the Load Cell Wired?

For some, load cells themselves may seem like a minor component in a weighbridge.

However, if the load cell has not been wired up properly, it can lead to malfunctions and have a negative impact on your operations.

So, check with your supplier how the load cell is wired, as well as you making sure that the casing of the load cell has been done properly.

Consequently, the smallest of mistakes can end up giving you inaccurate readings, and you could be at risk of breaking legislation requirements.


5. What Are the Safety Features?

Asking your manufacturer about the safety features of a weighbridge is an extremely important question.

After all, safety must be a priority and if you overlook these just for a cheaper deal, you’re putting your entire business at risk.

Simply, paying extra attention to added safety features will benefit you in the long run.


6. How Many Years Experience Does Your Company Have?

Before finalising your decision, you should always ask the manufacturer how many years of experience their company has and their expertise in the field.

Generally, an established company will have delivered successful projects to clients in a range of different industries and have a respectful portfolio to show you.

However, even if you are dealing with a new company, who may not have a portfolio to show you, you will want to check their credibility, engineer’s expertise and the quality of their work.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of the types of questions you should be asking manufacturers before your purchase decision.

By asking these, you can ensure that you are not ignoring any factors that may be detrimental to the success of your business.


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