With a plethora of vehicle weighing solutions available on todays market its worthwhile spending sometime to understand key differences that could save you large amounts of money on the long run.

New axle weigh pads all tend to be priced around the same amount of money to purchase, the costs really kick in when you look at operating and service costs. Unfortunately its a fact that all types of weighing equipment and especially portable weigh pads will need servicing at some point in their life. Their job is to take heavy loads of up to 15,000kg so it’s understandable that these systems will need some TLC every now and again.

The solutions we offer are proven by large businesses such as our clients DPD, the AA and Northern Gas who all operate large numbers of the weigh pads we offer. Ongoing service and support include calibration, replacement cables, new load cells and handles.

What is often seen on the market are weigh pads promising low loading heights which in itself is a really great thing, the real problems start when the pads unique load cells fail.

Due to their design small multiple pancake style load cells are permanently fitted into the aluminium shell rendering it practically impossible to replace these cells. These low profile weigh pads are manufactured in China are often rendered beyond economical to repair once problems start.

We also see these types of weigh pads rigged up to the same weigh boxes we supply, this is frowned upon by the manufacturer as there is no declaration of conformity for this system. We’ve had to replace multiple far east pads with our European model to get the systems working again.

The weigh pads we offer are manufactured in Europe and have easily replacement parts that we stock at our head office service centre in Leicester. The trade off is a slightly higher weigh pad, ramps and levelling modules negate this small issue.

The accuracy of static vehicle weighing with two pads without levelling modules is approximately 1.5%. For spot checking vehicles that are potentially overloaded this is an acceptable tolerance.

If you want to discuss your weigh pad requirements then please use the contact form below.



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Choosing the right portable axle weigh pad solution

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