The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has established a DGP hub to find more about the Digital Grain Passport


The DGP’s objective is to replace the current paper passport that farmers, hauliers, processors, and merchants currently use with a digital solution that enables two-way data flow for all combinable agricultural supply chains throughout the UK.


It will also be the first time that all growers have access to a single system for reporting weight and quality data back to them.


At the moment, a thorough study of the Digital Grain Passport is being carried out.


The elimination of delays caused by illegible or incorrect paper passports, as well as the ability to connect systems – for example, returning weighbridge data directly to their own software – are just a couple of the advantages for businesses.


Without a doubt, the removal of this barrier will lead to significant cost savings for freight carriers and haulers because it would allow them to transmit accurate weight data between supply chain participants. It will also enable more efficient administration and billing as a result of eliminating this delay in weight data exchange.


The payers are studying the proposals in May and June before a meeting where a decision will be made.

If the industry adopts a digital passport, it will be fully transitioned out of paper in June 2025.


News Credit: Digital Grain Passport 2022 -AHDB


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