A young driver with a tractor without a number plate, overloaded trailer without registration was stopped by Lincolnshire Police Crime Action Team during their patrol, on 7th July, 2022.

A police spokesperson said: “What should have happened is that the young driver should have been prosecuted for having no number plate and for an insecure load as he had lost some on the road.” The load was also not covered properly. 

They warned the driver regarding the issue and informed him that if it was DVSA or a traffic-minded officer, he would have been penalised. 

Meanwhile, the Road Traffic Act 1988 states that vehicle users must ensure that they do not overload their vehicles.

The UK government urges motorists to:

  • Know the weights of their vehicle and load;
  • Find the maximum permitted axle weight and GVW;
  • Re-distribute your load appropriately after off-loading.

If the extra weight and the manner in which it is carried have a significant impact on road safety, for example, severe instability or loss of control, these other charges will result in a court summons. The additional weight would be considered as one of the infractions/s.

News Credits: ‘Words of advice’ for tractor driver with no trailer reg & overloaded trailer

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