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The construction industry is an extremely dynamic environment to operate in.

And a construction site used a lot of different heavy machinery on a daily basis, but this poses some challenges when it comes to measurement and weighing systems.

Many activities include the transportation of different materials, back and forth from different points within the site area or other locations.

But, when loads are transported from one construction site to another, it’s not possible to maintain a metered control of the vehicle’s weight.

Consequently, this can result in either overloading or unloading of a truck, which can lead to higher maintenance and fuel costs, as well as accelerate the wear and tear of a vehicle.

As such, it’s important to implement advanced, efficient weighing solutions that can help you bring control and manage safe load transportation.

Before we look at why construction businesses need weigh scales, let’s look at 3 popular weighing solutions:


1. Onboard Truck Scales

When it comes to keeping a track of materials, onboard truck scales are the biggest time-saver.

Simply, these scales are designed to collect all the data you need, which helps you to keep a track of what’s coming in, and what’s going out of your construction site.

Positively, this helps to reduce the potential of any unnecessary waste, as you have all the information you need to make informed, operational decisions.

Once configured, they are compatible with any loading system and are designed to handle various weights and material types in different weather conditions.


2. Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are super beneficial due to their durability and weight.

And this enables the user to transport, assemble and dismantle them with ease.

Also known as axle weighers, these can be used in any type of terrain, as well as be customised to suit the nature of activities carried out and meet specific requirements.

For maximum precision, they can be integrated with software, delivering accurate measurements and boosting operational efficiency. 


3. Load Volume Scanner

A load volume scanner is an efficient tool that uses laser technology to weigh goods.

To put it briefly, it translates a high definition 3D image of a truck’s load into weight with the help of software, and generates real-time results,

Plus, the user can detect any shift of the load in the truck bed, as the scanner is effective in managing design of a load.


Advantages of Using Weigh Scales in Construction Industries

Here are 5 reasons why businesses in the construction industry should invest in a weighbridge.


1. Safer Operations

Trucks used for transporting goods, such as rubble, equipment, fue, machinery etc. need to be loaded properly.

Improper loading of vehicles can lead to uneven distribution, and this can result in fatal accidents on the road or cause damage to the terrain.

In other words, scales allow for safer operations, especially when transporting goods from construction sites.


2. Reduce Maintenance and Fuel Costs

When vehicles are overloading, this can cause parts to wear and tear more quickly.

However, it also results in a higher fuel consumption for a business.

As such, measuring loads accurately before they hit the road will ensure the vehicle is not overloaded, and save on maintenance and fuel costs in the long run.


3. Remain Compliant

By using scales, you can ensure your operations remain compliant with rules and regulations and avoid any hefty fines.

In addition, this helps construction businesses to keep the weight of a vehicle within the limits, ensuring safety for the driver and other people on the road.


4. Control and Manage Fleet

As mentioned earlier, a construction site can operate numerous vehicles and machinery at once, and transport goods between different sites.

Managing a big fleet of vehicles is not an easy task and requires timely attention to the maintenance of vehicles.

Luckly, weighing solutions can help control large fleets by monitoring their daily loading pattern.


5. Increase Credibility

As scales allow you to measure and monitor the amount of incoming raw materials and the exact output, this means you can accurately calculate the amount of resources needed for the next order.

As a result, you’ll be able to foresee the amount of taxes and waste disposal fees that could be levied.

Precision, in terms of operations and data, establishes credibility – not only in the project but for your business on the whole.


The Bottom Line

The choice of which weighing solution is required on your construction site largely depends on the nature of your business and its requirement.

With advancements in technology, you can either select from a wide range of options or even get them customised.

On the whole, it doesn’t matter how big or small your requirement is, scales are incredibly important in the construction industry to achieve optimal output in your business, both operationally and financially.


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