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As with all essential and valuable equipment, regular maintenance of your vehicle weighing scales will keep them in good working order and prevent many issues.

Moreover, routinely cleaning your weighbridges will help reduce the potential for any associated downtime should the equipment fail.

Equally, cleaning will also maintain their reliability and accuracy of readings.

However, maintaining any machinery is made all the more difficult during the present pandemic.

This guide is therefore aimed at giving you advice on how to clean your weighbridges safely.



First and foremost, writing down processes for your staff is not only a useful reminder, it’s also prudent for health and safety purposes.

By committing to paper, the requirements and expectations of how to carry out any weighbridge maintenance, both your machinery and staff will be kept safely on track.

Including directives on face masks, protective clothing, social distancing and hand sanitising is imperative.

Similarly, setting out appropriate signage and hand sanitising stations will keep your staff safe whilst getting the job done.


Daily Checks

A good idea when maintaining any equipment is to categorise what needs to be done and how often.

For example, a daily visual inspection is good practice and can form part of your COVID safe processes.

Whether a pit or surface mounted weighbridge, a daily visual check of the underside will help keep them clean.

Checking underneath pit mounted weighbridges for any build-up of mud or dirt is a good idea.

As this inspection is in such a confined space, ensure staff are on hand to be watchful of the inspector’s safety whilst keeping their distance.

Equally, all staff involved should be wearing appropriately protective clothing and face masks.  

Where a surface mounted weighbridge is concerned, a similar inspection should be carried out, visually checking that there is nothing underneath to compromise its functionality. For example, there must always be a suitable gap between the weighbridge and the ground for accurate readings.

Furthermore, there must never be any debris allowed to build under the load cells.


Monthly Checks

Checks recommended each month include measuring the platform itself.

Consequently, any movement in its positioning since calibration will quickly become clear.

An additional monthly maintenance task should be jet washing your weighbridge.

Whilst using a jet washer, it’s important to avoid hitting the load cells or allowing water into the junction box.

However, if trained members of staff, wearing protective clothing and masks carry out this process, cleaning the underside of your weighbridge is easily undertaken.


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