Police pulled a flatbed truck carrying a pickup truck off the road at Scotch Corner after the driver was caught breaking the law in North Yorkshire. 

After being caught breaking the law in North Yorkshire, a flatbed truck carrying a pickup truck  was pulled by the police at Scotch Corner.

North Yorkshire Police was carrying out spot checks as part of Commercial Vehicle Week.

Commercial Vehicle Week is an annual celebration of the trucking industry sponsored by the UK Police.

The incident happened on July 21 and officers pulled over the driver at Scotch Corner.

Traffic Constable David Minto who was on the scene remarked that the vehicle “had a huge load to shed. 960Kg or 12.8% overweight”.

The vehicle was then prohibited by the police. 

“The operator and driver will now be interviewed by DVSA Enforcement in due course regarding this and previous offences.”

News Credits: Flatbed truck driver stopped by police at Scotch Corner


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