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Finding out the weight of your vehicle can prove very useful in certain situations.

For example, you might need to know the weight of your car if you’re planning to tow a trailer or drive over a weak bridge.

Alternatively, there’s also a need to be sure your vehicle is not overloaded which can result in hefty fines and penalties.

However, in the main, it’s industrial and commercial vehicles for which weighing equipment is required.

As transporting goods means pricing by weight, it’s evidently crucial that accurate readings are obtained. 

To determine the weight of a vehicle, there are three main types of weighing equipment used, as detailed below.



The US term for weighbridges is ‘truck scales’ which gives a clear idea on how they’re actually used.

Most commonly used for weighing commercial vehicles, these purpose-built machines are designed for parking vehicles directly on to the weighbridge platform. 



With modern-day advancements, traditional weighbridges have been developed.

For example, there are technologically driven options where truck drivers can carry out the weighing process without even leaving their vehicle.

As such, this significantly speeds up the process.

Similarly, in making the operation more efficient, there are also modular weighbridges available whereby different sections of the weighbridge can be used simultaneously.



There are two sorts of weighbridge; surface and pit mounted.

Depending on what site space is available, these each bring their own advantages.

Whereas the surface weighbridge, installed on to a flat surface, can prove a more economical option; a pit mounted version can be installed into the ground with a flat surface to drive on to.

Therefore, without the need for ramps, the area needed for a pit mounted weighbridge is smaller. 


Axle Weigh Pads

An alternative to using a weighbridge are axle weigh pads.

Whereas a weighbridge is a large, static means to weigh a vehicle, axle weigh pads are smaller and portable.

Although a two-pad system is sufficient for axle weighing, a four-pad system is necessary to measure the full weight of a vehicle.

When weighing lighter-weight vehicles, axle weigh pads are a great option.

Being so portable, the pads can be carried around in the vehicle.

Equally, they have a high IP rating making them water and dust resistant and are often wireless and use rechargeable batteries. 


Weight Indicators

Aiding in the process of weighing vehicles are weight indicators.

As such, the digital nature of these indicators gives accuracy and clarity to the process.

Digital weight indicators are used to manage the weight data obtained from the scales.

Consequently, there is a wide range of functionality available, ranging from basic weight display to more integrated process control and data transmission for recording and management purposes.


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