Early Wednesday, a vehicle was intercepted on the M62 at Thornham due to having an unauthorised, abnormal load and no permit to move. Additionally, it was determined to have a lack of marker boards for the rear overhang and an issue with being overweight. The vehicle driver has been fined £400 for a GFPN (Graduated Fixed Penalty Notice) and the vehicle will remain immobilised until they obtain the authorisation to move, which could take up to two days, or more.

This event should be a warning to all drivers that the rules must be followed when it comes to vehicle loading and paperwork requirements prior to driving on major highways. To avoid potentially dangerous situations, make sure your vehicle is properly loaded and you have all of the necessary documents with you before setting off. Not only are the rules designed to ensure driver safety, but they also assist in reducing traffic by avoiding unnecessary halts.

In particular, it’s vital that drivers inspect their vehicles to ensure they are within the weight constraints imposed on their lorries prior to beginning to drive. Lorries that surpass the established limit can be a hazard to other road users, bridges and roads. Such excessive weight can cause irreversible damage to infrastructure. Furthermore, if a driver surpasses the legal weight limit then they may face significant fines or even have their licence revoked, depending on how severe the violation is.

Ultimately, it is imperative that drivers exercise extreme caution when handling large commercial vehicles to prevent the endangerment of themselves and other road users. Before embarking on any long trips, drivers must make sure to have all the required paperwork and follow the necessary regulations if they want to avoid costly fines or even having their vehicle’s movements restricted.  To guarantee that all regulations are followed, drivers should visit governmental websites for further information about safe driving practices when conveying abnormal loads or merchandise along UK motorways.

News Credits: Twitter @gmptraffic

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