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Knowing your business van’s weight limits is extremely important to avoid overloading and racking up hefty fines.

It’s common for vans to be pulled over by police officers and DVSA, 

Shockingly, in 2015, out of 10,800 vans that were pulled over, 89% of these were overloaded.

Overloading can not only incur extra costs for the business, but you run the risk of having your insurance cancelled or void if you’re in an accident.

But, if you know how to weigh your van, then you’ll have nothing to worry about and can drive in confidence knowing that you are not putting yourself or others at risk.



A weighbridge, or truckscale, is a set of scales used to weigh bulk items.

Essentially, it’s like an extra large “bathroom scale”, whereby the van will drive on to the designated area and the weight is then displayed digitally.

So, they are useful for businesses who charge customers by weight of goods and to determine whether or not you are over the limit.


Axle Weigh Pads

Axle weigh pads are useful as they determine individual axle weights and total gross weight of any type of vehicle; and are often used to establish whether a vehicle is within weight limits – therefore safe for UK roads.

Typically, axle weigh pads are used in pairs – used for the left and right side of the vehicle.

And, they are very easy to use.

Simply, park your vehicle over the pads, or drive onto them, and view the weight displayed on the indicator.


Concluding Thoughts

Not knowing your van’s weight limits can result in a fixed penalty, which is dependent on how much the vehicle has gone over the legal limit; 5% to 10% over and you’ll be fined £100, 10% to 15% over you’ll be fined £200 and 15% to 30% over will result in a £300 fine.

It’s vital to know your restrictions; so as long as you bear all of this in mind, you’ll most likely be able to carry on driving as normal.


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