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As you’re probably already aware, weighbridges are important as they measure different aspects of a vehicle – especially in the industrial sector.

And, as technology advances, so has weighbridge technology, meaning they are more efficient now than ever before.

In fact, new modular systems provide a great deal of benefits for all companies involved in using them.

To better understand why using them is good for your business, here are the top 5 benefits of modular weighbridges.


1. Time Savings

Due to its advanced technology, modular weighbridges save a lot of time for industrial workers; effective and efficient systems are installed.

To begin with, modular weighbridges now have driver operated consoles, made to reduce time consumption in the machine; someone sits in the cabin as a driver operator.

Moreover, this dedicated person has the responsibility to accurately operate the machine and monitor the measurements, which reduces time for the other workers.

Secondly, barriers and guide rails can be installed to control the flow of traffic and stop vehicles from falling off the weighbridge, allowing for a more regulated system and therefore making the process much faster overall. 

2. Multiple Sections

A key advantage to modern modular weighbridge is modularity, as this provides better flexibility because of the multiple sections in the machine; traditional machines are restricted by design.

In other words, modular weighbridges are built with detachable sections that can be used separately from one another, so you don’t necessarily have to use the whole machine.

As such, companies that weigh a variety of different vehicles will find this particularly useful – and certainly be impressed! 

3. Integrated Software

We’ve spoken about advanced technology, but this has also allowed for integrated software to be used in modular weighbridges.

In essence, advanced software records accurate data into systems automatically; mainly used in Sage and SAP, but there are others out there.

Accordingly, it is much easier to transfer this data and create detailed reports out of the measurements, allowing you to run your business much more effectively – tasks such as reporting and accounting become much more time efficient too.


4. Pit and Surface Weighbridges

Modern weighbridges are available in two main options; pit and surface.

The first, pit weighbridges, are installed inside a pit, and are great if you have limited space to install the machinery – they’re placed directly into the ground, creating a flat surface for vehicles to drive directly onto.

The second, surface weighbridges, require a larger surface area as they’re installed on top of the ground; typically these are the cheaper option.

Together with modularity, these two options can adapt to individual requirements, without needing further modifications.


5. Customer Protection

Unfortunately, fraud exists everywhere – even with vehicle companies.

For instance, sometimes you can buy a vehicle with weights and measurements stated, and as soon as you’re on the road, you can see a difference in what was provided to you.

As modular weighbridges give accurate vehicle measurements, you can ensure customers are protected from purchasing vehicles from your fleet and avoid these mishaps.

To put this differently, modular weighbridges help to achieve customer satisfaction and protection from deceit, by offering them the exact data they require. 


Closing Thoughts

So, we’ve discussed the top 5 benefits of modular weighbridges in industrial sectors.

Weighbridges are important for any business and ultimately, new and advanced technology makes modular weighbridges a better and preferred option, rather than the traditional ones.


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